The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 5

The 2004 Sedona Principles: Best Practices, Recommendations & Principles for Addressing Electronic Document Production

Overview of Changes to The Sedona Principles in 2004

Case Management Issues in Patent Litigation

Williamson Oil v. Philip Morris: Whatever Happened to Jury Trials?

Willfulness/Opinion of Counsel Questionnaire Survey Results

Examining Reexamination: Not Yet an Antidote to Litigation

Safe Harbors & Preservations: A Response

The Consumer Harm Inquiry in Recent Cases: A Required Element of Proof or an Afterthought?

Proof of Conspiracy in Vertical & Horizontal Price-Fixing Cases: The Intersection of Law, Economics & Policy

Exemption to Patent Infringement Under 35 U.S.C. Section 271 (e) (1): Safe Harbor or Storm A-Brewing?

Consumer Harm After Dentsply: Not a Toothless Tiger

Cost Shifting in Electronic Discovery

Grunts, Winks & Nods: What Meets the Agreement Element of a Section 1 Claim?

The "Complexities" of Electronic Discovery

Expert Witnesses & Daubert Motions

U.S. Discovery of Electronic Documents in Europe