The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 2

Electronic Discovery Issues for 2002: Requiring the Losing Party to Pay for the Costs of Digital Discovery

The Information Age, Part I: Fishing in the Ocean, A Critical Examination of Discovery in the Electronic Age

The Information Age, Part II: Juror Investigation on the Internet -- Implications for the Trial Lawyer

Erie vs. Daubert: A New Case or Controversy?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Protecting Privacy through Government Regulation

Back to the Future: The Napster Decision Confirms The Applicability of Traditional Copyright Principles to the Internet

The Death of Romance

September 2001

Lessons from Microsoft

September 2001

Predatory Conduct Under Section 2 of the Sherman Act: Dead or Alive?

The Quick Look Rule of Reason: Retreat from Binary Antitrust Analysis

Shutts Meets the Baby Shermans

The Employment Class Action

"The Philadelphia Story": Mass Torts in the City of Brotherly Love

A Lawyer’s Lament: Unpredictability & Inconsistency in the Wake of the Daubert Trilogy

Markman Determinations

September 2001