The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 12

Cross-Border Discovery: Practical Considerations& Solutions for Multinationals

U.S. Approach to Privacy Protection in Litigation

Privacy in the Post-Modern Era: An Unrealized Ideal?

Non-Practicing Entities & Permanent Injunctions Post-eBay

Patent Enforcement Under Section 337 Before the U.S. ITC:Evolution of the Forum to Address a Non-Manufacturing Marketplace

Antitrust Enforcement Under the Obama Administration

The Application of the Sherman Act to Joint Ventures: The Law After American Needle

Another View of American Needle

Potential Competition Analysis Under the 2010 Merger Guidelines

Market Definition in Complex Internet Markets

Why is the U.S. So Different from the Rest of the World in Imposing Serious Criminal Sanctions on Individual Cartel Participants

Criminalizing Cartels: A Global Trend?

Skinner, Matrixx, Souter & Posner: Twombly & Iqbal Revisited

Uncovering Discovery

September 2011

Incentives, Rules & Ethics Concerning the Use of Search Technology in eDiscovery

Global Data Protection:Whose Rules Govern?

Information Age Catch 22: The Challenge of Technology to Cross-Border Disclosure & Data Privacy