The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 10

The Parallel Universes of the USITC & the District Courts

Proving Willful Infringement Post-Seagate: Don’t Divorce the WIllfulness Analysis from its Tort Foundations as an Intent Inquiry

The "Elevated Evidentiary Burden" to Prove Inequitable Conduct

Conducting eDiscovery After the Amendments: The Second Wave

Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) & Compelled Quick Peek Productions

The Protective Order Tookit: Protecting Privilege with Federal Rule of Evidence 502

In Rem, Quasi In Rem, & Virtual In Rem Jurisdiction Over Discovery

eDiscovery, Privacy & the Transfer of Data Across Borders: Proposed Solutions for Cutting the Gordian Knot

Changing Privacy & Data Protection in Japan

A New Administration & U.S. Antitrust Enforcement

Global Enforcement of Anticompetitive Conduct

Re-examining Trans-Atlantic Similarities & Divergences in Substative & Procedural Competition Law

Coordination Among National Antitrust Agencies

Intellectual Property & Antitrust: Two Scorpions in a Bottle

Observations from the Field: ACPERA’s First Five Years

Reexamination Practice with Concurrent District Court Litigation or Section 337 USITC Investigations

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Achieving Quality in the eDiscovery Process

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Preservation, Management & Identification of Sources of Information that are Not Reasonably Accessible