The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 1

Changes in the Wind: New Decisions in Antitrust

Issues in the Law on Parallel Conduct and Proof of Conspiracy

The Antitrust/Intellectual Property Interface

Vertical Restraints

September 2000

Class Actions Challenging Managed Care Abuses

The Class Action Assault on Managed Health Care; Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

Common Law Liability of HMO’s and Primary Care Physicians

The Nuts, Bolts, and Politics of the Evolution of Music Law

Looking Forward

September 2000

Who’s Administering What for Whom?

Using Jury Research to Understand, Structure & Present Your Case

Managing Mass Tort Cases

September 2000

A Simplified Approach to Computer-Generated Evidence and Animations

Getting to Settled

September 2000

The Pros and Cons of ADR

September 2000