WG11 welcomes three new members to the Steering Committee

The WG11 Steering Committee terms of Amy Keller and Jonathan Wilan expire at the end of today's Steering Committee meeting. Amy and Jonathan have been outstanding Steering Committee members and have helped guide WG11 through some significant successes during their tenure. I thank them sincerely for their service and their dedication to WG11 and The Sedona Conference. Amy and Jonathan have agreed to join The Sedona Conference Working Group Series Leadership Council, where they will be available to lend their expertise and experience to assist the WG11 Steering Committee in the future with special projects as requested on an ad hoc basis.

I am pleased to also announce that Arianna Evers, Jerami Kemnitz, and Jim Shook have agreed to join the WG11 Steering Committee for three-year terms effective at today’s Steering Committee meeting. Arianna, Jerami, and Jim were selected because of their capacity for dialogue and working to achieve consensus, subject matter expertise, their records of significant contributions to WG11 meetings and drafting team efforts, and demonstrated commitment to the mission of The Sedona Conference.

We appreciate the continued dedication and support of the WG11 members who comprise the Steering Committee. They are: Starr Drum (Chair), Kate Baxter-Kauf, Arianna Evers, Jerami Kemnitz, Colman McCarthy, Tim Murphy, Dalia Ritvo, Jim Shook, Alex White, and Chair Emeriti Al Saikali, David Moncure, and Doug Meal.

With my best regards,

Craig Weinlein
Executive Director

Announcement Date: 
Thursday, February 8, 2024