Allan Chiang

Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Allan took office as the Privacy Commissioner in 2010 and has successfully tackled a number of important and high profile privacy cases in Hong Kong. In 2011 he adopted an explicit policy of “naming and shaming” organizations for breaches of data privacy, thus enhancing enforcement effectiveness by invoking the sanction and discipline of public scrutiny. Allan assisted the Government in a major overhaul of the data protection legislation, which culminated in the enactment of the Personal Data (Privacy)(Amendment) Ordinance in 2012. He has been instrumental in convincing the Government and the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors not to treat privacy and data protection merely as a compliance issue, but to embrace them as part of corporate governance to win the trust of citizens or customers. Many reputable organizations have as a result adopted accountability practices recommended by him. Allan’s past career was in the Hong Kong Government where he retired as the Postmaster General, after having transformed the Post Office from a traditional government department to a successful business operation. He was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star in recognition of his dedicated and meritorious service to the Government and the Hong Kong community.