Michael Marcus

50 - 99

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Evizone, LLC where he directs the design and development of software systems for secure communications, regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, business intelligence and risk management. Previously, Michael supervised as a Supervisory Board Member of the Bunge Mathematical Institute where he was the principle designer and directed implementation of prediction markets, automated risk management and trading models for agricultural commodities, logistics, food processing manufacturing margins and currencies. As an independent consultant, his project responsibilities include the design & development of systems in a wide variety of sectors such as healthcare (clinical, financial), legal (discovery, case management, economic loss models, litigation support), insurance (life, property, health, reinsurance), manufacturing, transportation, energy, utilities, retail, and business intelligence. Michael started as a systems engineer with the consulting group of Arthur Andersen & Co (today’s Accenture).