Matthew F. Fitzsimmons

CT Office of the Attorney General, Privacy Task Force

Matthew is an Assistant Attorney General in Connecticut, heading that Office’s Privacy and Data Protection Department. He serves as the lead attorney in the Office on all matters involving data security and privacy, most often in relation to data breaches. Most notably, Matthew served as the lead attorney and negotiator for a thirty-nine state investigation of a top technology company’s WiFi data collection, a matter which was settled in early 2013. Matthew has also served in a lead role investigating and negotiating multistate matters with other top internet and technology companies, including the two leading social networking websites. He also served as co-lead counsel in the first-ever state enforcement action (under the HITECH Act of 2009) for alleged violations of HIPAA. During his career as an Assistant Attorney General, Matthew has litigated an array of complex matters involving violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act in state and federal court, and has also argued on behalf of the State in numerous bankruptcy cases in several states where consumer protection laws and policies are implicated.