Kenneth J. Withers

The Sedona Conference

Ken is the Deputy Executive Director of The Sedona Conference and a member of its Board of Directors. Since 1989, he has published several widely-distributed papers on electronic discovery, hosted a popular website on electronic discovery and electronic records management issues, and given presentations at more than 300 conferences and workshops for legal, records management, and industry audiences. His most recent publications are Ephemeral Data and the Duty to Preserve Discoverable Electronically Stored Information in the University of Baltimore Law Review (2008); Living Daily with Weekley Homes in the Texas State Bar Advocate (Summer 2010); and Risk Aversion, Risk Management, and the Overpreservation Problem in Electronic Discovery in the South Carolina Law Review (2013). From 1999 through 2005, he was a Senior Education Attorney at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington D.C., where he developed Internet-based distance learning programs for the federal judiciary concentrating on issues of technology and the administration of justice. Ken also contributed to several well-known FJC publications, including the Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth Edition (2004), Effective Use of Courtroom Technology (2001), and the Civil Litigation Management Manual (2001).